Skechers Shape-Ups Athletic Shoes for Women

These shoes were made for women who want to stay in shape. Skechers Shape-Ups tone muscles while you walk or exercise. The kinetic web sole provides shock absorption, which promotes good heel to toe walking form.

What is a rocker-bottom shoe?

Rocker bottoms are designed to reduce pressure on the foot, especially the ball of the foot and the joints of the toes. These health-and-fitness shoes have a curved, thick sole and provide extra cushioning to prevent fatigue. Other benefits of the shoes:

  • Help prevent aching feet and joints
  • Allow wearer to stay on feet for longer periods of time
  • Reduce stress that hard surfaces prevent. This is helpful if you are standing on hard surfaces like concrete, etc. for long periods of time.
  • The breathable, contour mesh panels allow feet to breath.
  • The generous mid-sole cushion promotes a custom fit with each step.
  • Protect feet and joints from repetitive impact of walking or standing for long periods of time
Do Shape-Ups shoes really work?

Though Shape-Ups don't replace a regular exercise routine or a gym membership, Shape-ups can supplement exercise when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Because of the special design of the Shape-Up's shoe's sole and heel, they reduce pressure on your feet and toes, which may allow you to exercise longer. Shape-Ups are constructed to improve the muscle tone of your legs because your hamstrings and calves have to work harder.

What are the different types of Shape-Ups athletic shoes?

Skechers Shape-Ups come in three different categories: fashion sneaker, workout sneaker and walking sneaker. All Shape-Ups are made of smooth faux leather and a memory-foam insole. Mesh fabric overlays the sneakers, and a soft fabric lines the shoe. The brand's "S" logo is printed on the side. All are available in many sizes, styles, and colours including white, blue, black, and turquoise. Shape-Ups are suitable for working out or for just taking a walk.

How do you select the right Shape-Ups?

You should select the Shape-Up based on proper size and fit. Whether you are walking or performing other activities, you will want a shoe that is the correct size and width. Skechers come in a variety of women's sizes from 4-12 and in widths narrow, medium, and wide. All sizes are equipped with the combination leather and mesh upper that promotes flexibility for long walks. Skechers Shape-Ups are also true to fit.

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