Ski-Doo Windshields

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Windshields

Ski-Doo designs windshields and wind protection parts for snowmobiles. These options range from base accessories to deflector parts. Anyone looking for a new way to protect their snowmobile can search through what Ski-Doo snowmobile windshields offer.

What types of Ski-Doo windshields and parts are available?

  • Windshield bases: The brands bases are made to fit many different heights, ranging from low to high. They have colored plastic trim.
  • Deflectors: These snowmobile parts are designed to deflect chilling winds from the rider, and they are usually attached to the side panels of the sled. They are intended to be used in conjunction with a windshield.
  • Windshields: Ski-Doos array of windshields ranges from one-piece options to sporty flared styles. These accessories are stocked with many different features, like maximum wind protection and easy installation mounts. They are designed to be compatible with many snowmobiles. Examples are the Extra High Windshield, the Medium Injected Windshield, and the Low Windshield. Before ordering a Ski-Doo windshield, buyers should make sure that their chosen part can be used with their vehicle.

What heights are these windshields available in?

These snowmobile parts are available in several heights, making them compatible with a wide array of snowmobile models. Available heights include these:

  • Ultra low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Ultra high

How do you choose the right part for a snowmobile?

Ski-Doo categorizes their snowmobile parts according to platforms. They make wind protection accessories for the following platforms:

  • Rev Gen4
  • Rev XS/XM
  • Rev XU
  • Rev XP

What features do these Ski-Doo wind protection parts have?

Because these parts are designed to fit different models of snowmobiles, they are equipped with many different features. They include:

  • Integrated deflectors: While people can purchase specific deflectors, many of Ski-Doos windshields come equipped with integrated deflectors. This helps riders get protection from harsh winds.
  • Mount mirror-capable: Many of these wind protection kits are ready to receive mirrors.
  • No base required: Most of Ski-Doos wind protection accessories can be mounted without a base. This makes installation simple, and it minimizes the number of parts needed.
  • Sport performance options: The brand offers kits designed to optimize sport performance, which are equipped with necessary protection and an integrated style.
  • Embedded graphics: Many Ski-Doo styles are practical and have embedded graphics. Kits decorated with graphics are meant to be a way to spruce up snowmobiles.
  • One-piece construction: Even large styles use one-piece construction, which ensures easy installation and offers wind protection in extreme cold conditions.

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