Skyjacker Car Lift Kits

If you want to modify your car or truck to raise the ride height, you can add a Skyjacker car lift kit to your suspension and raise your vehicle. The aftermarket kits can be added to many makes and models, and drivers can select their Skyjacker car lift kits to get anything from a 1-inch to 9-inch jump in height. Many factors should be considered given the variety of products available.

How much height can a Skyjacker suspension car lift add?

The lift of your vehicles frame will depend on the lift kit you purchase and the tires you have mounted. Lift kits are sold in 1.5-inch increments. You can opt for a subtle lift of 1 inch or a large rise in the height of 9 inches. The lift kit itself adds height to the frame of a car or truck. It raises the frame and body of the vehicle.

What is included in a Skyjacker lift kit?

Skyjacker lift kit components vary by vehicle make, model, and specific year. Each lift kit is ordered based on these factors. Some Skyjacker lift kits are also available with Skyjacker shocks.

Can a Skyjacker lift kit be removed to lessen height?

Skyjacker states no modification is needed to install their lift kits. Because nothing needs to be permanently modified, there is no reason a leveling or suspension lift kit cannot be removed, if needed, to return the vehicle to its regular stock height. Additionally, if you want to increase their lift height of your car or truck, there isnt much modification needed. A new kit can be added the same way the original was added, and you will acquire even more gain in height.

Does Skyjacker make car suspension lift kits for all vehicles?

The suspension lift kit company has been in business for decades. During this time, their product specifications have grown tremendously. Almost all make and models of Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, and Toyota cars and trucks can be fitted with a Skyjacker kit.

In total, the company offers packages for 19 models, all-terrain vehicles, and even tractors. Within those models, most makes of cars, side-by-sides, and SUVs can be fitted with a specific Skyjacker kit. The key to choosing the right kit for your make and model is to determine the following:

  • Desired lift results
  • Specific year of the car or truck
  • Your interest in performance options
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