Slider Cell Phones and Smartphones

The right phone should fit you like a glove, and that's what slider phones do so well. These phones slide open and shut as needed to make or answer calls, send texts, and surf the web. If you'd like a compact phone with physical buttons, these could be a fine choice.

What are slider phones?

Also known as slide up our slide out phones, this mobile device comes with function buttons on a drawer-like hinge. Sliding this drawer out turns the phone on and lets you answer calls. In addition to physical buttons on a sliding panel, here are some additional features to look for.

  • QWERTY Keyboard: If you need to type long emails or send texts, having a QWERTY keyboard can make life easier. QWERTY refers to the six letters at the top left of the ordinary keyboard. QWERTY layout means that this device has a fully-functional, miniature, slide out keyboard. Models with full QWERTY keyboards include LG Extrovert and Samsung Gravity.
  • Touchscreen Android Smartphones: In addition to QWERTY keyboards, many slider Android smartphone models also come with interactive screens. With the keyboard shut, you can use the screen to interact with Android apps. Models with interactive screens include the Samsung Reality and LG Enact.
  • Basic slider cell phone: In addition to smartphones, you will also find basic models with slide technology built in. Models of this type include Samsung SGH A77.
  • Camera: Due to their compact size, slider phones can be great for taking selfies and other quick pics. Most smart devices come with front and rear cameras. If you'd like to take high-quality pictures, keep an eye out for MP or megapixels, which tell you the camera resolution for each. Higher MP numbers mean more detailed cameras.
  • Battery Life: As with any mobile phone, battery life is important, so take note of this feature, especially for long hikes or plane trips. Many phone manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung, allow you to remove and replace batteries on the go.
What networks have slider phones?

Most nationwide networks, like T-Mobile and Verizon, allow you to bring your own mobile device. All you need to do is find a slide type model you like and make sure it's unlocked to use on your network. Here are the three common channels to look for, depending on your coverage area and nationwide provider.

  • GSM: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cellular One use this technology. This means that you can bring a GSM unlocked phone to these plans. In addition, these networks also offer phones specifically for their plan, such as T-Mobile's Alcatec Sparq.
  • CDMA: Sprint and Verizon use CDMA, which means you can bring CDMA to these plans.
  • LTE: In addition to GSM and CDMA, providers also use LTE high-speed wireless, especially for data, although Verizon also uses LTE for voice in some areas. LTE unlocked phones give access to high-speed coverage.