Snowmobile Body Parts

Snowmobile Body Parts

Snowmobiling is a fun, winter sport that enthusiasts look forward to during the off-season. There are many components to this recreational vehicle, both internal and external, that must be cared for and replaced, just like any other vehicle equipment. Fortunately, for snowmobilers, there are replacement parts available to keep it both running and looking great.

How do you maintain the outside of your snowmobile?

How you store it, both during the season and during the off-season, will greatly impact the life of both the interior and exterior parts. It should either be kept in a covered enclosure or have a tarp or cover over it when it is not in use. This will protect the metal from corroding, the leather from drying out, and the color on certain pieces from fading. Additionally, during the spring to summer months, mothballs can be placed on it to prevent rodents from chewing the leather.

What are the basic body components of a snowmobile?

The body of a snowmobile can be broken down into a few basic components:

  • Body panels: These are the basic outside panels of your snowmobile. They can be made from plastic, fiberglass, or sheet metal. Different materials can be preferred based on a preference of weight, durability, and malleability. The hood is the most commonly replaced body panel.
  • Tracks: The skis and/or caterpillar tracks that your snowmobile drives on.
  • Seat and Handlebars: These may be changed for wear or to upgrade to more comfortable or technologically advanced versions.
What are some common accessories?

An accessory is anything that is not an essential part of the recreational vehicle but is used as part of snowmobiling. This can include clothing and helmets, but it can also include items that maintain your snowmobile. For instance, covers are an accessory that many owners use in replace of a tarp. You can also have accessories to keep your snowmobile more secure or more comfortable. Seat warmers are an accessory that will keep you more comfortable on longer rides, and lanyards are a convenient and secure way to ensure that you don’t lose your key if you stop somewhere during your ride. Trailer mats are another popular accessory. If not protected, the bed of a truck can be damaged by a snowmobile, so owners often prefer to use a mat to both prevent the snowmobile from sliding during a ride and also to protect the surface on which it is transported.