Explore the Rich History of Sobranie Cigarettes

As one of the oldest luxury cigarette brands in the world, Sobranie cigarettes have a rich and fascinating history. Those who love collecting historical items and tobacco-related artifacts can proudly add an antique Sobranie product to their collection. You may be able to find some of these classic cigarettes on eBay.

What are some of the varieties made by Sobranie?

Over the decades, the company has produced many tobacco varieties. Here are a few of the common types of packs made by the brand:

  • Cocktails: These cigarettes have a pastel-colored box, and the cigarettes inside are in a variety of pastel shades with gold filters.
  • Black Russian: These have a black paper cover and a gold foil filter. The tobacco blend used is deeper than the Cocktails.
  • White Russian: This variant looks similar to the Black Russian but has a white color scheme and a lighter taste.
  • Gold: These come in a gold-tinted box, and they have the lowest level of tar among all the company's products.
  • Yellow: This novelty variety is a citrus menthol.
What are some common types of Sobranie memorabilia?

Collectors looking to add to their tobacco collection can find many types of memorabilia on eBay, including:

  • Antique magazine ads.
  • Empty cigarette tins.
  • Vintage tobacco brochures.
  • Rare collector's edition packs.
  • Themed cigarette cases.
How do you tell if the item is brand-new?

Older, vintage collectibles are easily recognized, but those who want to buy recent cigarettes may find it difficult to tell a product's age. If the pack has a clear plastic wrap with a large warning label in a Cyrillic script on the front, you can tell it was made in the new factory in Russia that the company first started using in 2005. If it is factory-sealed, then it has not been used since purchase. For more detailed information about when the product was produced, you can contact the seller or look on the box for a date.

What was the purpose of tins labeled "Balkan Sobranie"?

Collectors interested in the company often come across tins that say "Balkan Sobranie." Though the company is mostly known for their tobacco cigarettes, this style of tin was actually used by people smoking pipes in historical times. These tins held the company's signature blend of Virginia, Latakia, and Yenidje smoking tobaccos.

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