Socket AM3 Phenom II Computer CPUs/Processors

Learn About AMD's Phenom II Socket Multi-Core Processors

Based in California, AMD makes computer processors and other technology products. Phenom II is a family of multi-core processors made by this company. These multi-core processors are much faster than single-core processors and can be used for home or business computers.

What are some features of these multi-core processors?
  • Speed: The speed of these processors ranges from 2.6GHz to 3.4GHz. Often, a larger number indicates a speedier processor. However, some newer processors are more efficient. They may complete more tasks at speeds of 1.6GHz than older processors can do at 3.4GHz.
  • Design: The Phenom II series of microprocessors uses silicon on insulator, or SOI, technology. AMD K10 microarchitecture is designed to work with Socket F construction. Socket F 1207 CPU sockets allowed for four processors (two processors per dual core) to work at once.
  • RAM: The type of DDRAM that's supported for these processors depends on the specific model. Some support DDR2, some support DDR3, and a few support both.
How many cores are in each Phenom II AM3 processor?

These are dual-core, quad-core, and six-core processors.

What are examples of Phenom II socket multi-core processors?

This family of multi-core processors includes a variety of models, such as:

  • AMD Phenom II X2 555: This CPU features 3.2GHz of speed. The L3 cache size is 6MB. This is a dual-core processor. It was one of the earliest in this series of CPUs.
  • AMD Phenom II X4: The AMD Phenom II X4 CPU features Socket AM3 and four cores, and it clocks in at 3.4GHz of speed. Its clock multiplier is 17. The L3 cache is 6MB.
  • AMD Phenom II X6 1100T: This black edition processor features Socket AM3 and six cores, and it clocks in at 3.33GHz of speed. Black edition models are special editions that feature an unlocked multiplier. Its L3 cache size is 6MB.
How did the Phenom II processors evolve?

The Phenom II superseded the original Phenom line. The original Phenom line featured triple- and quad-core CPUs and was produced beginning in 2007. With quad- and six-core models, the Phenom II processors were much more efficient.

When were these Phenom II processors produced?

The answer varies by the model. The timeline of the Phenom II progressed this way:

  • 2008: The first Phenom IIs, featuring Socket AM2+ technology, are released.
  • 2009: A second generation with Socket AM3 technology makes its debut.
  • 2010: The Phenom II X6, with six cores, is released. This is much faster than dual-, triple-, and quad-core models.
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