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Sony's innovative console, the PlayStation, made its mark on gaming and found millions of fans around the world. As the console has had several successors, the original PlayStation is now referred to as the PS1. The console had hundreds of games released on disc, including some platform action games featuring iconic characters like Crash Bandicoot. You can find affordable PS1 games for sale on eBay.

PS1 game lots

While browsing for preowned eBay PlayStation 1 games, there will be various listings featuring game lots. Lots featuring PlayStation 1 games allow you to get multiple games all at once.

Game lots are an ideal way to get a whole series of games. For example, you may be able to find the whole series of Madden NFL games or Crash Bandicoot games. A mixed lot may feature a PS1 game at a price you are seeking along with other bonus games you hadn't heard of before.

What are some PS1 characters and mascots?

To help introduce the PlayStation, Sony created several original characters and mascots. These characters, some of which carried over into more recent PlayStation 4 games, all have their own games. You'll meet Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Croc.

Celebrate the history of gaming with these original games that helped shape the world of Sony. You can find some unique new and used PS1 games on eBay that feature all of these favorite characters and even introduce the titles to a whole new generation of players.

What are some sports games for the PS1?

The 3D graphics introduced on the PS1 helped pave the way for a whole new world and generation of sports games to collect and play. Madden NFL, which you might find on eBay, transformed from 2D overhead graphics to full 3D along with other football games like NFL Blitz.

There are also numerous eBay PlayStation 1 games focusing on wrestling. Not only did wrestling gain fandom and fame in the 90s, but several action-packed PlayStation games were released including WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, and WCW Nitro. The games feature 3D graphics and the ability to customize superstars among other features.

A number of these games feature exclusive rosters based on the year they were released. In some cases, purchasing the classic games again is the only way to use specific quarterbacks, basketball players, or former wrestlers. These classic PS1 games available on eBay can help you enjoy sports adventures with your favorite players and sports.

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