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Get an On-the-Go Computer With a Sony Ultrabook

The Sony Ultrabook is a small tablet-style computer that provides users with a compact machine, which can connect with VAIO and Sony VAIO. They are also good enough to support a variety of different Intel processors. If you are interested in buying one, it is essential to take a look at your options.

What operating systems are available?

When buying a Sony Ultrabook, it is critical to know what operating system they use. Typically, you can find a range from Windows 7 all the way up to Windows 10. This operating system also includes access to VAIO and other Sony VAIO features.

However, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 computers of this type are also available. These also use VAIO and Sony VAIO. These essential items keep your Sony Ultrabook running smoothly and help improve the solid state drive, increase speed, and even extend the battery life of the unit.

Which hardware connections are included with Sony Ultrabooks?

Good hardware connections help expand your tablet and its potential uses. The variety of hardware attachments available include:

  • HDMI: These ports let you hook up to most types of electronics, including more significant computer screens and even televisions.
  • microHDMI: This type of port is usually appropriate for smaller devices, such as some storage items or smaller computer screens.
  • USB 1.0-3.1: A USB port hooks your Sony Ultrabook up to keyboards, microphones, mice, and even devices that can sync with VAIO or Sony VAIO products.
  • SD card slot: These small memory areas store a large amount of data and allow you to expand your Sony Ultrabooks use.
Do Sony Ultrabooks include multiple features?

Several features set these small computers apart from other models like them on the market. A backlit keyboard provides light when you need it such as during the night. Bluetooth connections let you hook your device up to speakers and play music or even take phone calls.

The built-in webcam in many models captures images and sounds and can live stream them across various social media and video websites. Many of these tablets have a touch screen that makes it easier to activate and use without the keyboard. Other models come with covers that you can slip over them to increase their level of protection.

Do the processors available for Sony Ultrabooks differ?

There are many processors available for these small computers. Most of them are made by Intel, including the Atom Dual-Core. However, there are other variations on this process possible, such as the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7.

When choosing one of these tablets, make sure you check the label to find the processor generation. In some cases, they go through multiple production runs that include subtle updates. Finding a later generation generally provides you with a smoother and faster processor.

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