Specialized Bikes

Specialized bikes are a huge name in the cycling world. The reason behind their success is their well-built bikes. Their equipment also boasts a superior design.

How are road, mountain, and hybrid bikes different?

The road bike is meant for speed. Thin tires help reduce drag and the drop handlebars put the rider in a position that lessens wind resistance. The thin tires are meant for smooth surfaces like roads and sidewalks.

A mountain bike is designed for uneven surfaces such as trails. The large tires grip the surface and shocks help provide a smoother ride. They also have the most gears for ease navigating uphill riding and trail conditions. It can be ridden on smooth surfaces but it will be slower than road bikes.

The hybrid is the best of both worlds and is often used by commuters. It has characteristics similar to the mountain bike. The tires are larger than the road bike and smaller than the mountain bike. It strikes a balance in both speed and surface riding capability.

How are aluminum and carbon frames different?

The short answer is weight. The aluminum frame is the heavier one, while the carbon frame is designed for speed and is considerably lighter, some weighing less than a pound. Most bikes will have an aluminum frame.

What is a clipless pedal?

A clipless pedal means your wheels are always in motion. You will need clipless shoes and cleats as well. Specialized carries their own shoes. The cleats fit into a mechanism on the pedal that keeps your foot locked in. The purpose is to conserve energy. The full pedaling motion is utilized to propel the wheels.

Does Specialized make an electric bike?

They do. There is an e-bike for road, mountain, and hybrids. The e-bike assists the rider in pedaling, and the faster you pedal, the more it will assist. The great thing about e-bikes is they keep people riding. Older people and those with injuries love them and more commuters are taking notice too.

What is the difference between the Rockhopper and the Stumpjumper?

The primary difference is that the Rockhopper is considered recreational and the Stumpjumper is considered a race bike. Another key difference is weight. The Rockhopper has a heavier frame as well. Either are appropriate for recreational and racing; it just depends which you prefer.

What Shimano components are used with bikes made by Specialized?

Aside from shoes and cleats, Shimano components used are:

  • Shifters
  • Brake levers
  • Front and rear brake calipers
  • Front and rear derailleurs
  • Crankset
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Chain
  • Cassettes