Splash Guards & Mud Flaps for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Splash Guards Mud Flaps

When youre heading off the road in your Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle, mud, salt spray, and road rocks can threaten your Cherokees undercarriage, frame, and rear finish. Mud flaps and splash guards can help prevent damage or corrosion. Guards and flaps come in a variety of styles for your Jeep Cherokee.

What are splash guards and mud flaps for?

Splash guards and mud flaps protect against the inevitable. When youre driving on the road or off the road, your Jeep Grand Cherokees wheels will throw up dirt, rocks, mud, or other debris onto the rear of your Jeep Cherokee that could cause the paint to chip and the undercarriage to corrode. Over time, that corrosion can hurt the frame of your Jeep. Mud flaps hang down like curtains over the back of your Jeep Cherokees rear tires and shield your car from all that damage. Even better, your mud guard prevents the vehicles behind you from being sprayed. This can help other drivers remain safe while theyre on the road.

What kinds of Jeep Cherokee mud guards are there?

Mud guards for your Jeep Grand Cherokee are often made of that classic, heavy-duty rubber that you see covering the rear tires of big rig trucks or of lighter and thinner molded plastic for sedans or luxury vehicles. They can also be made of durable and stylish stainless steel or simple thermoplastic resin. Splash guards often come with metal designs, insignia, the Jeep logo, or other personalized details that can reflect your unique style and taste.

What features do splash guards have?

The fit should be crucial to any search for high-quality Jeep Grand Cherokee accessories. Check with the manufacturers specifications to make sure that the flaps you want to get for your Jeep vehicle will fit your Jeep Cherokees specific make, year, and model. These two points will help you identify good splash guards and choose the ones that are suited to your needs and to your sense of style:

  • Weight and durability: Light plastic guards or protective accessories look great and dont interfere with the appearance of your Jeep, but the heavier rubber ones may provide more protection by remaining stable even at highway speeds and while catching more road debris.
  • Style: Do you love the classic, unadorned look of smooth black for your vehicle, or do you want a logo that proclaims your love of all things Jeep Cherokee to the world? Do you have something interesting to say to the drivers behind you? Those choices will affect your choice of mud flaps and guards for your Grand Cherokee.