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Honda Civic Spoilers and Wings

Honda Civic spoilers and wings will modify the appearance and performance of the vehicle. Front spoilers change the airflow, increasing the Honda’s gas mileage. When speeds are increased, spoilers attached to the rear will cause downward pressure on the tires and car, which increases maneuverability and braking.

What are the spoiler types?

Front spoilers can be incorporated inside the front bumper or attached underneath while back ones can be adhered or bolted on. They are made of fiberglass, ABS plastic, silicone, or carbon fiber. Some of the different types are described below:

  • Front spoilers: Front spoilers are glued or taped below the existing front bumper, creating a lowered appearance.
  • Roof mounts: Roof mounts are attached on the roof above the rear window, extending the roofline. These do not limit rear visibility but do add a racy slickness.
  • Pedestals: Pedestals are rear wings that sit on support legs, which bolt to the trunk. During acceleration, the spoiler increases downward pressure, causing better handling.
  • Rear lips: Rear lips adhere to the edge of the trunk directly above the license plate. The lip is more subtle than the pedestal but still creates downward pressure and improves handling.
  • Lighted spoilers: The lights add safety by working in conjunction with the brake lights and turning signals.
How do you install a Honda Civic lip?

The instructions for installing a front lip or a rear lip are the same, and the process is described below:

  1. Clean the surface and wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth. The alcohol will remove any remaining oil or grease.
  2. Apply the double-sided tape to the inside of the part if it doesnt have tape already secured on the inside. Working slowly, remove a small amount of backing at a time and adhere. Leave the other side of the tape covered.
  3. Center and hold the spoiler in position, mark the corners, top, and bottom with tape. Do not tape the spoiler down. These markings are your guide for the final attachment.
  4. Apply silicone adhesive to the vehicle inside the guides at this point if the accessories youre using require silicone adhesive as not all of them require it.
  5. Remove the covering off the tape, position the spoiler directly inside the marked outline, and hold it in place until secure — this only takes a few minutes. Once in place, do not drive or wash the vehicle for 12 hours to ensure a strong bond.
How do you install a Honda Civic pedestal spoiler?

You will need someone to balance and help hold the parts during installation. If the support legs are not attached, bolt them on before beginning and then follow the steps listed below:

  1. Center the fully assembled wing over the rear. Mark the bolt holes for each support leg.
  2. Open and check the interior space, making sure there are no wires or obstructions in the path of the bolt holes. Drill the holes. It is a good idea to start with a smaller drill bit, than increase the bit, helping decrease the chance of making too large of a hole.
  3. Clean and paint with touch-up paint to prevent rust once the holes are drilled. Let the paint dry.
  4. Hold the spoiler in place over the holes and then bolt it down. Make sure the pedestal is secured firmly to the automobile.