Stage Lighting & Effects

How Does Stage Lighting Enhance a Dj Set?

Lighting up the stage, or the whole room in the case of DJ sets and clubs, enhances the overall atmosphere of a show. It can influence the mood of the crowd or audience and ensure everyone has fun. The light should enhance the mood of the music and give the feeling of effortless cohesion. Understanding the way lighting factors into the show is important and should be practiced and planned ahead of time. Most professional DJs recommend learning the terminology involved with lighting so that when you book a gig where the venue provides lighting, you can understand if the technology there works for your needs.€

What is DMX?

DMX stands for Digital Multiplex and is the most commonly used technology for linking controllers to dimmers and controlling special effects like fog machines and intelligent LED lights. Intelligent lights can be remotely controlled to dim, change colour, move, or have effects like strobing. DMX technology has improved the way DJs and other lighting experts can control the lighting during their sets and shows.€

Are Fog Machines Safe?

Fog machines are relatively safe devices as long as the user follows the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer. If used incorrectly, they can cause injury, fire, or electrocution. The fog, made out of water and glycol, has been found safe to breathe for most humans, but you should avoid it if you have respiratory problems. Most manufacturers also recommend not over fogging an area, meaning you should not saturate the air with fog at higher levels than those recommended in the instruction manual for a particular machine.€