String Trimmers

A string trimmer, also referred to as a weed-whip, weed eater, or weed whacker, is a grass-cutting tool that uses a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade. The string trimmer is used to cut grass, weeds, or any other plants near objects and houses. It is comprised of an engine and a long shaft with a handle and a cutting tip at the end of the shaft.

How do you operate a string trimmer?

The operating procedures vary from one trimmer to the other. It is advisable that you follow the supplied instructions from the manufacturer's manual. However, whether you are using an electric, gas-powered, corded, or cordless string trimmer, the tips below will make your work easier.

  • Allow the tip of the trimmer line to do the work: To prevent the trimmer from stalling, cut thick and tall grass in small, easy-to-manage sections. Heavy cuts strain the machine whether you're using a cordless string trimmer or gas-powered one.
  • Look out for decorative plants: To avoid trimming decorative and monumental plants and trees, use low power while working near them.
  • Know when you need to advance the line as it wears: When using an automatic-feed trimmer, the spool releases the line as needed, so you won't have to worry about releasing it yourself. Bump-spool trimmers require you to tap the bump spool on the ground to feed out a new line.
  • Have a replacement line on the ready: As you work, you will eventually need to replace the trimmer line. Make sure you have an extra line on hand to avoid stopping in the middle of your job to visit the store. You can replace the line with a new one by winding it yourself or buy a pre-wound one that replaces the empty cartridge.
How do you take care of the string trimmer?

Taking proper care of your trimmer will keep it running for years. To make sure your tool lasts a long time, follow these simple steps.

  • Clean up after every use: After every trimming job with your cordless or gas trimmers, clean off clippings and dirt from your edger and trimmer tip with a brush. Avoid spraying the unit with chemical cleaners or water as it may damage or rust the engine.
  • Allow the trimmer engine to cool down before storage: Before putting the tool back into storage, make sure it cools down first. Keep it in a dry place and out of children’s reach. Remove any attachment before locking it up.