Finding Classic Games for Your Console

The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES released in the US in 1985, and was one of the first classic gaming consoles that allowed people to play video games at home, and Super Mario Bros came standard with most sets. Featuring the popular characters of Mario and Luigi, people still collect and play this game decades later. The NES gave way eventually to the SNES, and many of the Mario games from this original platform released on the newer device as well. Those who are looking to relive their gaming past with Mario or collect the famous platform device will still find some titles and consoles available that allow them to do so.€

What Games Are Available for the NES?

If you're looking for Mario specific games for the NES there are a few titles to choose from. These include other popular characters like Luigi, Koopa Troopa, Bowser, and Princess Peach with power-ups, jumps, and side-scrolling that made the game famous. Here are just a few of the games released for the NES that feature Mario and his friends.

  • Super Mario Bros: This game followed the story of Luigi and Mario as they tried to save Princess Toadstool (Peach in Japan and later US releases) from Bowser, and it features the famous side-scrolling gameplay.
  • Super Mario Bros 2: Released in 1988, the follow up to the first title and released in a 2D format.
  • Dr. Mario: This was a unique action puzzle game that used coloured capsules and viruses in its gameplay.
  • Maris Bros: One of the original arcade mini games featuring Mario, which also appeared in the Arcade Classic Series.

What Condition Are the Games In?

With the initial release of the NES being so many years ago, there are many people today that are looking to relive their gaming days with Mario. Here are some of the various conditions you can find these games in and who they suit to.

  • New: There are some brand new and unopened Super Mario Bros games that are kept this way for serious collectors.
  • Used: Most of the Nintendo games appear in used condition but still in working order.
  • Bundled: Some sellers offer not only the video game but also the console and controllers too, for those who don't have theirs still.

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