Supermicro 4u

How to Choose the Right Supermicro 4U

4U servers are ideal for managing high-end computing power and storage in a single stack. Whether you opt for a new Supermicro 4U storage server or a used 4U tower, these units offer value for your business. Available on eBay with either fixed or hot drive swapping, Supermicro products are designed to work effectively for many years.

Does the Supermicro chassis matter?

Fully loaded Supermicro 4U servers are ready to compute, but a Supermicro chassis can be a valuable component as well. The Supermicro 847 offers hot swapping for live maintenance, and the versatile Supermicro SC846 combines fixed and hot swapping for optimization. Form matters too, as a 4U tower might fit better than a rack.

How do you know if 4U is the right size?

4U denotes the servers height. Each U is 1.75 inches. Supermicro 4U servers have power and storage capacity intended for large-scale applications.

Your data requirements determine your needs. For example, video is a notorious space hog. Also think about future expansion. For most businesses, a Supermicro 4U storage server provides plenty of room to grow.

Whats the advantage of a pre-built Supermicro 4U server?

If youre looking for technological performance at a discounted price, a used or refurbished Supermicro 4U from eBays collection might be the option for you. You can find the right mix of price and technology with refurbished equipment that works with current technology. The following are advantages of refurbished Supermicro products:

  • Value: Supermicro 4U servers live longer than their sales cycle. High-grade Supermicro products offer savings and performance.
  • Maturity: The industry that turned beta testing into a product launch doesnt reward early adopters. It makes sense to let others fill in the gaps.
  • Ubiquity: An established Supermicro chassis or other Supermicro product will have a market for parts and service and a knowledgeable user base.
  • Seasoned: Older Supermicro products are field tested and work well together.
What are the most important elements of Supermicro 4U servers?
  • Processor (CPU): For optimal speed, youll want multiple CPUs or a dual core at the very least.
  • Computer memory (RAM): This is vital for processing efficiency. As costs have dropped, it makes sense to beef up the RAM.
  • Hard drives (HDD): HDDs do die eventually due to regular wear and tear, so it makes sense to have a lot of redundancy with multiple drives.
  • Power supply (PSU): This detail is critical. Supermicro 4U servers are designed for adequate power, but pay attention to the PSU if youre building from different components.
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