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How to Choose a Synology NAS Device

NAS devices are a simple, convenient alternative to standard external hard drives. If you have dozens of GBs worth of photos, videos, and documents you want to store securely, Network Attached Storage (NAS) might be the solution. Synology offers a variety of popular NAS devices on eBay for individuals and businesses alike.

What is Network Attached Storage?

NAS devices differ from traditional external hard drives in one crucial way: they're connected to a network. When you want to access files on a hard drive, you plug it into your laptop and search through the stored files. When you want to access files on a NAS device, however, you retrieve the data from the network. As long as you're an authorized network user, you can access the data you need anywhere, anytime.

What types of NAS devices does Synology offer?

Synology offers a wide variety of NAS devices on eBay for various affordable prices, but most of them can be sorted into one of two main categories:

  • NAS devices for individuals and small offices: These devices have storage capabilities suitable for individuals, families, and small groups of people. They offer features like file synchronization, data backup, multimedia interfaces, and real-time communication.
  • NAS devices for business or enterprise: Synology's NAS devices for businesses are designed to accommodate larger networks of people. These devices run a variety of applications useful in business, ranging from storage for virtualization to mail services.
What is the Synology DiskStation Manager?

The Synology DiskStation Manager, also known as DSM, is an operating system used across all NAS devices. It helps to optimize the Synology NAS user experience, via features like:

  • File synching: DSM helps users sync files to public clouds and back up data to the Cloud Station Suite.
  • NAS protection: Protection features include Snapshot Replication, which lets users customize their recovery strategies, and Synology High Availability, which enhances service uptime.
  • Productivity: The operating system's productivity features include the Drive, the file management center; MailPlus, the secure business mail server; Chat, the epicenter of workplace communication; and Note Station, which makes it easy for co-workers to sync ideas.
  • Multimedia: Users can sort and store multimedia files using DSM's Audio Station and Video Station. DSM also has two photo apps: Moments, which helps users organize their personal photos, and Photo Station, which is designed for professional photographers.
What are some of Synology's most popular NAS devices?

Popular Synology NAS devices include:

  • J Series: These NAS devices are a unique personal cloud solution for individuals looking to enhance their data sharing and storage management capabilities.
  • Value Series: The Value Series NAS devices are designed for the home and the workgroup.
  • Plus Series: Ideal for businesses, these Synology NAS devices are designed for data-intensive tasks.