Women's T-Shirts

Women's T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for casual and stylish dressing. These shirts come in many sizes and styles, with or without graphic designs or stripes, and they can be constructed from cotton, synthetic fabrics, or blends. This style of shirt can be dressed up or dressed down to wear for almost any event.

What do you look for in a women's T-shirt?

Selecting a women's tee could be overwhelming because of all of the options that are available. Use these guidelines to find a comfortable starting point:

  • Sleeve length - These shirts come in many sleeve lengths. The tank top style has no sleeve. A shorter sleeve usually stops before the elbow. A longer sleeve extends to the wrist.
  • Sleeve style - The T-shaped sleeve is common. Other options are a butterfly, ruffled, or bell-shaped sleeve.
  • Hems - Check the hems for these tees to make sure they are even and lay flat. Be sure to check the sleeves, waist, and neck hems for even stitching.
  • Size - Tees are available in extra-small to plus size and from cropped to extended length.
  • Material - Cotton is a popular material for tees as are synthetic fabrics and blends of cotton and synthetics.
  • Neck style - A V-neck is shaped like a letter V for a looser fit around the neck while a ribbed crew or scoop is a circular shape.
  • colour - You can choose solid colours, graphic prints, or stripes for your tees.
  • Finishing touches - Some blouses have ruffles, graphic designs, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, lace-up, or drapey stylish finishes.

What are the styles of women's T-shirts?

There are many styles of tees for women, including:

  • Sleeveless - These tees have no sleeve for a cool summer look.
  • Fit - Select a tighter fit to wear under a cardigan or blouse or a loose fit for a relaxed look.
  • Bodysuit - A short-sleeve or long-sleeve body suit T-shirt has a tighter fit and snap closure in the crotch.
  • Texture - Ribbed tops are textured and offer enhanced warmth like fleece while a flat texture is drapey and flexible.

What are the differences between women's T-shirts and men's T-shirts?

A woman's T-shirt is fitted and conforms more to the contour of a woman's body. A men's or unisex short-sleeve or long-sleeve tee has a straight cut. In the V-neck style, the V-neck tops plunge to nearly the cleavage while men's V-neck tops do not expose much of the chest. A long sleeve for women is shorter than a corresponding sleeve for men, with less room in the upper arm of the long sleeve. In the plus sizes, the women's tops afford more room in the chest and hips than in men's plus sizes. A plus size woman's top may be equivalent to a medium or large in men's tops.