Tudor Wristwatch Bands

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Tudor makes chronographs, submariners, and other distinctive wristwatches. Tudor has been in business since 1926 and makes specialty watches for divers and navies around the world. The company's wristwatch bands allow watch owners to adapt their timepiece's look to their personal style.

What are some features of these wristwatch straps?
  • Closure style: These wristwatches feature buckle and buckle-clasp closures. Leather bands have a belt-style closure. Bracelet watches feature a buckle that is attached to a clasp. The watch strap can expand to fit over the hand, and then can be closed for a tighter fit around the wrist.
  • Adjustability: Most of these wristwatch straps are adjustable. Straps featuring buckle closures have multiple holes. This means the fit can be loosened or tightened for the wearer's comfort. Bracelet-style wristbands often come with extra links so the band can be expanded if needed.
  • Keeper: A keeper holds the strap of a watch down after it has been passed through the buckle. Tudor wristwatches sometimes have two keepers and sometimes have a single oversized one. These pieces offer better control and a neater appearance for the watch.
What materials are Tudor wristwatch straps made from?

These wristwatch bands are made from leather, metal, rubber, and fabric.

  • Leather: This is a classic watch strap material. The wristwatch bands are made from several styles of leather, including aged leather, distressed leather, and leather from wild boars and crocodiles.
  • Metal: Some Tudor wristwatches feature metal, bracelet-style bands made of links. These are usually composed of stainless steel but may also feature gold-colored metals as accents.
  • Rubber: This is a useful watch strap material for the diving watches this company is known for. This material is water-resistant and wipes clean.
  • Fabric: Some Tudor wristwatch bands are made of fabric. These typically consist of tough, closely woven cotton blends. They are available in solid colors and prints.
What colors and styles are Tudor wristwatch bands available in?

These watch bands are available in a variety of styles and colors:

  • Leather: Leather wristbands tend to be available in classic black and brown. They sometimes feature details such as metal accents on the ends of the strap.
  • Metal: Metal bracelet-style bands are usually made of stainless steel, and some are plated with gold. These may be highly polished and shiny or have a matte finish.
  • Rubber: The rubber watch straps tend to be solid neutral colors, for example, an Army green.
  • Fabric: Prints, including camo, are available in addition to solid colors.
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