What to Consider When Choosing a TV Power Supply Board

Like all electronics, LG televisions require a supply of power in order to function. On most LED and LCD LED televisions, this power comes from a standard wall socket and gets relayed to the relevant components through a power board. If these boards go out, you can have them replaced professionally or you can choose to replace the board yourself. There are different configurations of boards available so you can find one that is able to power your specific television.

What Is a TV Power Supply Board?

  • A TV power supply board transfers energy from the television's power supply to the components that power the television and produce a picture. This includes the LED or LCD LED lights that create the picture on the screen.
  • These boards also help ensure that the power supply delivers the right amount of electricity to the television without overloading its various components.
  • These boards are constructed out of various junctions, wires, and transistors in a specific configuration.
  • Different television models have different power supplies and thus require different power supply boards.

What is the Benefit of Replacing a TV Power Supply Board?

Replacing a TV power supply board for your LG television can fix many common power issues with your television.

  • If a television does not power on even though it is plugged in, or if the screen does not light up even if the power on button on the television lights up, it may be an issue with the power supply board. Replacing this board can often fix these issues.
  • Replacing these boards can also help increase the overall lifespan of your television, because even distribution of electricity from the power supply can help keep your television in prime condition.

What Type of TV Power Supply Boards are Available?

There are several different types of power supply boards available for LG televisions. The type of board needed for each TV varies depending on the model of the television, how old it is, and how large the screen is. Televisions with larger screens require more electricity, and thus they typically need a larger power supply board to properly distribute this electricity to various internal components. You can find complete boards that come with all of the standard components as well as partial boards for those who only need to replace a small part of the system. You can also find connectors that are specifically designed to connect the board to the power supply for the television.

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