Tail Lights for Audi A6

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Audi A6 Taillights

The Audi A6 has been a well-known car in both wagon and sedan models since 1994. With a lengthy history such as that, Audi replacement rear lights that use LED, halogen, or incandescent bulbs prove easy to both find and install. Learn more about the options available to you so you can choose the suitable replacement parts for your Audi A6.

How do you choose the right taillight replacements?

First, you need to discern whether you need right or left components for your A6, as these are not compatible parts. The curvature of the molded parts precludes interchangeability for both lenses and frames, although other parts of the unit are not side-oriented.

Next, you need to choose between genuine OEM Audi A6 parts and aftermarket replacement parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means parts labeled as such are made by the same manufacturer that made the parts for your Audi in the factory. Aftermarket parts are available from other brands, and you’ll need to make sure they are compatible with your Audi A6 make and year.

What types of bulbs are available for rear lights?
  • LED bulbs: These energy-efficient lights fit rear-light arrays for A6 vehicles from 2008 onward and may be fitted for use in earlier car year models with some modifications. LEDs last up to 50,000 hours.
  • Halogen globes: These lights supply a wide arc of illumination in the outdoors.
  • Incandescent bulbs: Considered the gold standard, these lights put out the soft light that you see from many cars on the road. They install via the standard push and twist installation that aligns two bulb knobs with their corresponding slots in the bulb holder.
Will an entire light assembly fit your Audi?

If necessary, you can find complete replacement assemblies for your A6. Double-check your year of car for a compatible version that replaces the part. You need designate only right or left side if everything else matches.

Are Audi taillights available in different colors?

You may be able to find lenses for your Audi A6 rear lights in a few different colors. Red is the most common, but you may also choose to vary the look of your car with amber, clear, smoke, or tinted lenses.

Will you need to search separately for brake lights?

No, the Audi A6 brake and running lights use the same light assembly as the taillights. However, these lights illuminate at different times due to the wiring within the vehicle.