Tail Lights for BMW 328i

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

BMW 328i Tail lights

The BMW 328i in the BMW E36 generation proved a successful car, and as such, parts are plentiful for replacements. BMW realizes that you intend to keep your sedan on the road, and that means heeding every warning light to plug any gaps in safety by performing a check on tail lights. Parts may be found as both OEM and aftermarket replacements from a variety of respected manufacturers.

What should you know when selecting rear lights?

The first criterion is whether you need a right or left tail light on your vehicle. Driving a BMW E36 series car means that the curve of the component is important for proper fit whether your car is a four-door sedan or a two-door coupe.

What are the tail light parts for the BMW 328i?

For genuine OEM parts from the BMW E36 lineup for your BMW 328i, each part is milled by BMW for perfect fit with specifications from the company. If you choose a PACA-certified aftermarket part, the certification states that when installing per instructions, the part will perform as well as if it were an OEM original.

What colors are available for BMW rear lights?

The standard color remains red, but you can choose amber or clear to suit personal taste. If you desire a more striking effect, smoke or tinted colors are also available.

What bulb works in an E36 generation rear display?

An LED offers high wattage for less energy expenditure, so any LED works well. The LED is only one choice among many, however, because you may choose between LED, halogen, and incandescent. The incandescent bulb provides a softer glow than a halogen or LED. The halogen gives bright lighting for a broader range than the LED or incandescent, but the halogen bulb becomes hotter than the other two types, which leads to a more fragile bulb to impacts.

What materials comprise the lens for the E36 series?

A tough, high-grade plastic makes up the lens. Stricter quality control standards apply to lenses protecting halogen bulbs due to the high heat buildup inherent in any halogen bulb.

Will you need to replace an entire E36 lighting assembly?

For safetys sake, check if you need to replace the whole assembly, or determine if one part will suffice. For instance, a new wiring harness or plug assembly may be less costly if thats all you need.