Tail Lights for BMW X3

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BMW X3 Taillights

Taillights for the BMW X3 come in many different varieties. An assortment of light bulbs can be used to power them. Caring for your taillights can help keep them at peak efficiency.

What styles of taillights are available?

A range of taillight models is available for the BMW X3, including factory, individualized, fiber optic, LED, and black.

  • Factory styles are typically a pairing of a streamlined, thin, metallic bezel with a standard red lens. This straightforward look allows beams to shine behind the BMW X3 efficiently in order to prevent any rear collisions. Factory styles are available in lots of different silhouettes to accommodate BMW X3 models from various years.
  • Individualized rear styles leave the vehicle’s owner room for creative license. Bezels and lenses are combined to create different looks, depending on the owner’s preferences. Bezels come in all different widths and finishes. Lenses are available in different shades of red from lighter to darker. Although the shades vary, all are clearly discernible as red taillights when they are on and glowing.
  • Fiber optic taillights typically have a brightly burning bulb at one end and a series of fibers running across the model. The beam from the bulb shines all the way down the fibers, creating an effect of brightly glowing strips. Fiber optic styles can have strips running vertically or horizontally to create different looks.
  • LED rear lights utilize LED bulbs. They are a type of projector style, meaning that they narrow beams in order to project them further than usual behind the BMW X3. Inclement weather or driving in the dark can necessitate a brighter taillight glow.
  • BMW black rear lights appear darkest when turned off. When they are on and glowing, they appear red just as any other style of taillight does. Maintaining a consistently red glow when the car is turned on increases safety and alerts drivers behind the BMW of the car’s presence. Black rear styles are available in a variety of shapes.
What kinds of bulbs can be used to power them?

BMW rear lights can be powered with halogen, LED, and incandescent styles. Each is slightly different. Incandescent styles are most commonly known and tend to burn slightly softer than either of the other two types. BMW LED styles are relatively small and burn brightly as do halogen styles. Halogens have a quartz component in the middle to protect the filament.

What are care tips for taillights?

BMW rear lights can be cleaned with soap and water regularly. Hard water spots can be removed by mixing baking powder and vinegar together. Typically, BMW rear lights are relatively low-maintenance. When they burn out, simply replace the bulbs with the correct model and size.