Tail Lights for Ford Ranger

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Ford Ranger Tail Lights

Ford has produced a number of Ranger models over the years, so there are many tail light options for these popular trucks. These lighting components are a very important safety feature on a truck because they allow other drivers and pedestrians to have a clear view of the vehicle in the dark and in conditions with low visibility. There is a wide array of colors (such as black), sizes, and types of bulbs.

How do you install tail lights on a Ford Ranger?

Removing and installing full tail light assemblies on your Ford Ranger can be easily done at home. Keep in mind that the steps listed below will vary according to the exact model of your truck and the replacement tail lights you will be installing.

  • Open the Rangers tailgate, and locate the four screws that hold in the light housing. Two will be on the inside of the light where the tailgate sits, and the other two will be on the outside of the assembly cover.
  • Unscrew these with a screwdriver, and pop the assembly out of the socket.
  • Release the wiring from the back of the housing by pressing the tabs of the harness to disconnect the housing from the wiring. Take out the bulbs from the back if you plan to use them in the new housing.
  • Reattach the wiring harness to the new bulbs, and push them into the back of the new housing until they click in.
  • Place the screws in the same four spots from which you just removed them, and tighten them with the screwdriver.
  • Check the new assembly to see if the reverse, turn signal, and brake lights all work as they should.
What are the benefits of using LED tail lights?

LED tail lights are used on Ford Rangers due to their effectiveness, efficiency, and distinguished look. LED tail lights are a very energy efficient option as they can last for more than 10 years, requiring less frequent replacement. They also put less of a strain on the cars battery life. LED tail lights are also very bright and come in many sleek designs. These lights are also known for being a durable choice because the bulbs dont have a filament to produce light, which makes the bulb of the LED tail lights less susceptible to damage when you’re driving over rough bumps and in extreme weather conditions.

What are aftermarket tail lights?

Aftermarket taillights are lighting parts for a vehicle that were not manufactured by the Ford Ranger’s original manufacturer. There are many benefits to purchasing these car parts for your Ranger, including the fact that they can make your truck stand out from other similar models.