Tail Lights for Honda Civic

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Tail Lights for Honda Civic

When you drive in your Honda Civic and hit the brake, one of the first things that drivers behind you will see are your tail lights. They are important because they alert other drivers about what actions you plan to take with your car. When replacing these particular parts on your Honda, you have many options to choose from.

What types of tail lights for the Civic are there?

There are three main types of lights you can choose from, including:

  • Halogen lights: These types of lights are the oldest kind still on the market. They use incandescent lighting to illuminate the road when you turn on your blinker. Because they can burn at higher temperatures, they are capable of producing bright lighting.
  • Xenon lights: These reach their full intensity within 20 seconds of being turned on, making them safe for those who frequently have to travel at night. These types of bulbs have been used for tail lights since they first appeared on the market in 1991.
  • LEDs: These tail lights have a cluster of LEDs inside, all of which illuminate up when you turn them on. They have a cool cast but will look red inside the housing.
What should you consider when replacing your Civics tail lights?
  • OEM or aftermarket: Honda Civic tail lights and brake lights that are designated as OEM parts mean that they were made by the original manufacturer of the part. Aftermarket parts were designed by other manufacturers that were not involved in making parts for the Civic.
  • Design style: Standard Honda Civic tail lights have rows of bulbs and a red plastic piece. Euro style, also known as Altezza style, have a clear plastic casing, with bulbs that have been tinted different colors, including red.
  • Flash styles: If you are looking at LEDs, you can actually program the flash. In some cases, you can have a strobing flash effect or a sequential flash effect.
  • Housing finish: The casing can come in plain black for matte Hondas and chrome for sedans that still have their chrome accents.
What tools will you need to replace the tail lights?

Although replacing your Honda Civic sedan or coupe tail lights is a quick task, you may still need several tools to help with the process. These tools include:

  • Socket wrench: This wrench should have a ratcheting mechanism so that you can loosen or tighten the bolts in either direction.
  • Phillips screwdriver: You may need this tool to remove the cross-shaped screws that keep the parts on the Honda Civic.
  • Flathead screwdriver: This tool can be useful in prying open parts that are stuck.