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Years after its initial release, Twilight Princess is still a popular action-adventure video game€set in a world full of shadow and life, making its way onto multiple consoles, including the Wii U with the Twilight Princess HD release. In a nutshell, the story features a dark figure from the Twilight Realm, a shadow nether region parallel to Hyrule, the common setting of all Legend of Zelda games. Players go on€Links many excursions, such as princess rescuing, collecting heart pieces, and dungeon diving in and out of the Twilight Realm. The only twist is that when Link enters this new world, he transforms€into a wolf.

What Specs Are Available on Twilight Princess?

  • Graphics: Coming in the wake of releases like Minish Cap and Wind Waker that have a more cartoonish feel, this game features the franchise's first foray into more realistic environments. The artistic style of the game makes the graphics timeless, which is a great feature.€
  • Secondary Characters: This includes Midna, Navi, Tatl, a Talking Rock, King of Red Lions, and Ezlo. Midna is one of the most engrossing characters to ever exist in a Zelda title and has more personality than any other character present in the Zelda franchise. Most users team up with this mysterious creature in the quest to restore light.
  • Story: The story of this game is one of its better features. The story goes beyond just Link, and you can see a world affected by the events around it.€

What Are the Different Places That Link Can Go?

  • Kakariko Village: Is most likely the first town you visit. It is a recurring level in the game and also acts as the target practice stage in Link's crossbow training.
  • Ordon Village: It is located south of Faron Woods and is Link's hometown. It also appears in Link's crossbow training as a target practice stage. In the Fused Shadows story, Midna brings Link back to the World of Light and tells him that he cannot change to his human form yet and that he needs her cooperation to save his friends.
  • Hyrule Castle: Here is where the final stage takes place, but you visit versions of it more than once, scaling dungeons and rooftops.
  • Sacred Grove:€This is the recurring location. When Link cannot change from wolf to human form, he comes here for healing. It's also here that we have Master Sword.

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