Timberland Men's Boots

Mens boots should be designed for the rugged outdoors and should also be stylish enough to wear at any casual outing. Timberland mens boots are versatile to suit the outdoors as well as casual outings, and are manufactured with natural and synthetic materials. You might wear these classic men's boots when engaged in heavy-duty work, attending social events, going on hiking trips, or getting around in inclement weather.

What materials and sizes are available for Timberland boots?

Some of the different materials used to make the classic Timberland men's boots include leather, rubber, suede, nubuck, and synthetic fabrics. Most of the styles are coloured brown or tan. Red, yellow, grey, white, black, and blue are also available. The shoe sizes offered in the United States for these models range from 6 1/2 to 18. Half sizes are available through 11 ½ The shoe sizes 12 through 18 are offered in whole sizes only. The widths of these boots range from medium to extra wide.

What kinds of boots are offered by Timberland?

Some of the options offered by Timberland include snow and winter, ankle, desert, hiking, trail, military, motorcycle, and work boots. Some of the other styles to consider include chukkas, mid boots, side-zips, and slip-ons. The height for most of these is mid-level, but there are also several options that rise higher and lower.

Some of the available 6-inch choices include the Premium Waterproof Boot, the 6-inch Waterproof Leather Boot, and the Limited Release Horween Leather Waterproof 6-inch Field Boot. If you prefer something in black, check out the black LTD style, black side-zip, or Stormbuck Waterproof Chelsea model. If you are looking for a leather boot, the Wheat Nubuck 6-inch Premium option is a common choice. You may also want to consider the Limited Release Fire Water 6-inch blue leather option. In addition, the Euro Sprint Hiker leather boot shoes offer versatility.

What are some of the features offered with these boots?
  • Vibram outsoles: The vibram outsoles mean they are made with thick boot soles. They were originally designed for mountain climbing.
  • GORE-TEX membrane: Made of ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic), this material is waterproof and provides insulation.
  • Aerocore Energy System: This material cushions your feet as you walk without adding unnecessary weight to the shoe.
  • Sensorflex Comfort System: The technology found in the three-layer Sensorflex Comfort System provides added traction, stability, and flexibility.
  • OrthoLite anti-fatigue insoles: Made of polyurethane and rubber, these washable insoles are lightweight yet strong. They also wick away moisture.

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