Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist produces balanced golf balls designed for distance and height. The surface of each golf ball is covered in dimples and the core is made with specially designed materials to promote a soft feel and high velocity. Each Titleist golf ball is designed with different strengths, including distance, feel, long-hit spin, short-hit spin, and the way the golf ball flies.

What kinds of golf balls does Titleist make?

Titleist produces a variety of golf balls designed for use with any club, whether it's a wood or an iron. Each ball spins differently over long distances and short distances; low spin causes the ball to go farther while high spin stops the ball quickly.

Two types of golf balls that you might consider are the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. The two balls are both designed for long shots, but the Pro V1 penetrates directly forward and has a low spin over long distances, while the Pro V1x golf ball has deep dimples and tends to launch higher. Both balls have a soft feel, and both come with Drop-and-Stop Greenside Control, which helps players stop the ball where they land the golf ball.

The DT TruSoft has the softest feel of the Titleist selection. It can be used for short hits such as putts on account of its high short game spin and stopping power. Despite its high short game spin, the DT TruSoft has low spin and can be used for long shots.

The Velocity golf ball comes with spherically tiled tetrahedral dimples for high flights and long distances for long game shots. It's designed for speed and distance.

What colours of golf balls are being produced?

Titleist produces a small variety of ball colours, including white, yellow, pink, and orange. The most common colour is white because it stands out among the greens and browns of the average golf course. Some people prefer to use white balls in low-light conditions. The colour of the golf ball does not affect the dimple density of the ball.

Different colours are available for different balls. Velocity is available in white, Visi-white, orange, and pink, the Pro V1 is only available in white, the Pro V1x is also only available in white, Tour Soft is available in white and yellow, and the DT TruSoft is available in white and yellow. colours can be chosen based on personal preference and style.

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