What kind of Tobacciana items are available on eBay?

Expand your collection of handcrafted wooden pipes, antique ash trays, and unique lighters for a fraction of the cost. Tobacciana collectors can find a vast inventory of accessories and supplies on eBay, including rare cases, antique snuff boxes, and holders. There is always room in your display case for a tobacco-inspired masterpiece that features the exquisite craftsmanship of a bygone era, such as a tobacco card from the turn of the century and silks featuring flowers, flags, and detailed artwork that make them the ideal addition to quilts and other sewing projects.€

What are other examples of Tobacciana?

Bring a touch of 1950s Hollywood glamour into your home by displaying an antique tobacco case or box, and set out a stunning glass ashtray with a decorative motif for your guests to admire. Slip a unique vintage lighter into your pocket and carry it with you wherever you go as a practical conversation piece. Find big name brands, like Zippo and Dupont, as well as refillable butane lighters and windproof torches. Choose from a wide selection of rolling machines and tobacco papers with creative designs. For those who prefer a more exotic flair, glass hookahs come in variety of different colours and styles that take tobacciana artistry to a whole new level. Get a glimpse into the past by flipping through vintage pipe and lighter catalogues, or verify the authenticity and value of your tobacco cards and other collectibles with the help of a price guide. Grace your walls with embossed metal tin signs featuring vintage brands or add a touch of tobacco history to your shelves with antique tins and metal match holders featuring hand-painted patterns.