Tonneau Cover Truck Bed Accessories for Silverado

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Protect Your Silverado Truck Bed With a Tonneau Cover

The tonneau area provides welcome cargo space in your Silverado truck. However, you may wish to use a comfortable truck bed cover to seal the area when its not in use or to keep items safe from the elements all year. Exploring a range of options on eBay can help you find the new or used accessories that fit your needs.

What features do these truck covers have?

You may wish to purchase your truck bed cover based on its type or a particular set of criteria you have in mind already. Some common features and types of products youll find on eBay include the following:

  • Hard covers - These covers use hard materials to provide a durable shell that should resist impacts and the elements.
  • Roll-up - You can roll these covers back from the bed for easy opening or storage when necessary.
  • Tri-fold - These folding covers are similar to roll-ups, but they fold at three specific points instead of rolling. You may wish to use this type when you only need to access part of the bed but want to keep the rest covered.
  • Locking - Some covers may include a lock or feature hardware for accepting one.
What materials do these products use?

Many companies manufacture truck bed covers using a variety of basic materials. You can use eBays options to sort these products based on their material type. This can help you choose one that has the materials you prefer. Some common options youll discover on eBay include the following:

  • Aluminum - This type of cover uses metal alloys to provide a lightweight yet durable item.
  • Carbon fiber - In many cases, carbon fiber covers can be lighter and stronger than some metal covers but more expensive as well.
  • Rubber - Rubber can be somewhat soft and flexible while still providing your tonneau with protection and water resistance.
What bed lengths can you choose?

You can measure the overall length of your Silverados bed from the front to the tailgate and use those numbers to choose a cover that will fit your needs precisely. Many of these products can fit truck beds with lengths such as the following:

  • 5 feet
  • 5 feet 8 inches
  • 6 feet
  • 6 feet 6 inches
Can you choose covers with surface finishes?

Most covers come with one of two finishes:

  • Powder - The manufacturer applies a coat of smooth powder to the cover.
  • Textured - A textured cover may help secure your grip when using it.
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