Toro Lawnmowers for Smooth and Even Lawns

If you're looking for a tool to mow your lawn at home or on the job, one of the new or used Toro lawnmowers in this category might serve as an ideal solution. To make a selection that will perfectly fulfill your needs, read up on the following information about the different types of lawnmowers. eBay has a fine variety of these sturdy lawnmowers from Toro at a wide price range.

What types of Toro lawnmowers are available?

Toro makes many different models of lawnmowers, and each model has its own unique attributes. However, all of these models can be categorized into one of two groups:

  • Push lawnmowers: These types of mowers are found in practically every suburban garage. They consist of a relatively small blade housing and engine area that is connected to four wheels. They also have handles that come up to a grown person's hand height. Some of these models also have bags for collecting cut grass, and they are pushed from behind with both hands.
  • Riding lawnmowers: Riding mowers are similar to push mowers in some ways, but they have much bigger blades. In addition, they have seats on top where the operator perches, and they have directional steering wheels. Perhaps the biggest difference between riding mowers and push mowers is the fact that riding mowers are propelled forward or backward by their own power sources.
What are some common parts for these lawnmowers?

In addition to the mowers themselves, this category also contains a number of spare parts for Toro lawnmowers. Some of the parts that are included among these listings are:

  • Tires
  • Brake cables
  • Traction cables
  • Pinion gears
  • Stump grinders
How do you pick the right lawnmower?

The first step to picking out the mower of your dreams is deciding whether you want a push mower or a riding mower. Push mowers can be ideal if you don't have a lot of lawn to work with, but if you need to mow acres at a time every week, you should definitely opt for a riding mower. Then, you'll simply need to decide on a particular model and engine size.