Toshiba Computer Processors (CPUs)

Finding the Right Toshiba Computer Processors and CPUs

The CPU or Central Processing Unit is the brains of the computer, it executes the commands to run programs used on a desktop, laptop, notebook or other Toshiba product. When the Toshiba laptops or desktop get old or stop working you will need to have it replaced. Sometimes, you may choose to upgrade the processor to make it work faster and better. Most machines can handle different speeds of processors, which gives you more options for your laptop.

How Do I Know if My CPU Needs Replaced?

There are two main reasons to replace your Toshiba Satellite or other unit.

  • The system will not turn on, which may be an indicator that either the CPU is most likely broken or another component.
  • The system runs slow on your Toshiba Satellite and you want a faster processor to speed up your tasks rather than buying a new device.

What Type of Processor Do I Need for My Laptop?

You will need to make sure your Toshiba is compatible with the type of processor you decide to buy. You will need to know a few basic things about your unit.

  • Type of socket - there are Socket P, Socket G2 or other types. You must have the same type of socket for the new system to work.
  • Number of cores - you may have a dual-core, quad-core or even a single core machine. You will want to upgrade your laptop or other device to a higher option.
  • Bus speed - this is how fast the system operates. It may be a 1066 MHz unit, an 800 MHz or other speed.

What Features Do I Need to Consider for a CPU?

You can purchase the "brains" for your Toshiba Satellite or other model by a system which is specifically designed for that product. However, you may also find third-party components which are built to work with various models. To ensure the Toshiba satellite works the way you want on your desktop or laptop, you need to compare features.

  • Processor type - some popular options include the Pentium, Celeron and Core 2 Duo.
  • Clock speed - this can range from the low side with 2 GHz or up to 2.99 GHz and sometimes even higher. This tells you how fast your Toshiba can work.
  • Consider the type of fan for Toshiba laptops and other devices. Many times, you will purchase the fan along with the unit, and you will want one that runs efficiently.
  • Perhaps you want a faster version of the unit you currently have in your Toshiba.

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