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Guide for Selecting Toshiba Tecra Laptops and Netbooks

Toshiba is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing laptops and netbooks since 1985. The Tecra series offers computers that are capable of many different activities, from browsing the web to streaming games and movies. When choosing a Tecra laptop or notebook, it is important to consider the memory, RAM, and processing power needed for your lifestyle.

What are the different types of Toshiba Tecra devices?

There are two distinct types of Toshiba Tecra devices, including netbooks and laptops.

  • Netbooks: These devices have a smaller screen and keyboard than a laptop. They are designed for casual functions like emailing and web browsing.
  • Laptops: These Toshiba devices range in screen and keyboard size, from 11-inch screens to large 17-inch models. They have more memory than netbooks, so they are typically used for more complex tasks, such as streaming or gaming.
What are the different models of Toshiba Tecra computers?

The different models of Toshiba Tecra range from the C40/C50 Series all the way to the Z40/Z50 Series.

  • C40/C50 Series: The 6th generation Intel Core processor powers this model. It features a built-in DVD drive, a 14-inch diagonal display with multiple monitor support, a high-definition webcam, and dual-band wireless technology. The battery life rating is at more than 7.9 hours and is user-replaceable. It also offers spill-resistant technology for minor accidents.
  • A40/A/50 Series: The A40/A50 Series offers a spill-resistant backlit keyboard, a 14-inch diagonal display available in HD and FHD Resolution, and a Smart touchpad with an Accupoint pointing mechanism. These laptops also include solid state drives and are powered by 7th generation Intel Core processor technology.
  • X40 Series: The X40 Series is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core processor with Intel vPro and Windows 10 Pro. This design features a magnesium-alloy ToughBody casing with a 14-inch diagonal screen. It is 16.9 mm thin and weighs 2.76 pounds. This design also features a pair of multidirectional microphones, an integrated HD webcam, and various ports for ease of connection to other devices.
  • Z40/Z50 Series: The Toshiba Z40/Z50 Series features a ToughBody chassis, a shock-absorbing design, and a honeycomb reinforcement structure. It also features Toshiba's EasyGuard technology. The screen is 14-inch diagonal and has a 10-finger multitouch display. This design is also equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard that is backlit with LED lights.
What are some features of Toshiba Tecra laptops?

The Toshiba Tecra comes with many features, including:

  • Cooling technology: The combination of airflow control, component layout, and an effective air intake design aids in speed and performance.
  • EasyGuard technology: These laptops offer technology that can guard against minor shock and spills. Toshiba Tecra devices are also equipped with PC Health Monitor that alerts you when there may be an issue that needs resolving.
  • Eco-smart design: All models are built using eco-conscious practices, materials, and packaging.
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