Examine the Specifications of the Toughbook H2 Computer

Toughbook refers to both a brand and product line owned by the Panasonic Corporation. The Toughbook H2 is part of that line, and it is durable enough to withstand damage from impacts, drops, or vibrations. You can get to know the various features and specs of the Toughbook H2 and see what it can do for you right here on eBay before making your purchase.

What type of construction does the Toughbook H2 use?

The Toughbook H2 model is a rugged tablet computer. Panasonic and its Toughbook brand made this tablet using a durable shell with multiple protective layers embedded in it. Some of the features and specifications for the case on the Toughbook H2 include:

  • Handle - The case on the Panasonic Toughbook H2 includes a handle built right into the frame. You can use this handle to carry or transport the tablet PC with ease.
  • Shield - Although the front face of the tablet is open to help you access it, the case includes a transparent screen shield to protect the electronic components from damage.
  • Chassis - The base layer of the Panasonic Toughbook H2's case is a magnesium alloy. This alloy sits inside the second layer of hard polycarbonate for added protection.
What features does the Toughbook H2 have?

The design of the Toughbook H2 is with field engineers in mind, but it contains several features that many professions may find useful. Some of the most common features of this rugged Panasonic Toughbook H2 tablet are:

  • Webcam - The Toughbook H2 tablet comes with a built-in webcam that you can use for audio-visual communications on the go.
  • Diagnostic tools - This tablet includes tools that can help you read diagnostic data, view complex schematics, and analyze telemetric information.
  • Bluetooth - Some Toughbook H2 tablets include connectivity for Bluetooth, allowing you to connect them to other devices over a wireless network.
Can you choose a storage capacity for the Toughbook H2?

Various Panasonic Toughbooks H2 have different hard drive capacities. If you would like to choose a Toughbook H2 tablet based on its storage size, you can select the appropriate option from the list on eBay. Storage capacities for Toughbook H2s usually measure in gigabytes of space. You can store various data files on your Toughbook H2 and access them as needed. The design of this table is for image files and schematics, but it can store other file types, too. Note that you can also choose a minimum processor memory capacity for your Toughbook H2. Added memory can help your tablet computer's CPU run the processes you need.

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