Touring Motorcycles

See the World from a Touring Motorcycle

There are numerous types of motorcycles available for fans of two-wheelers, so what makes a touring model different from other types of bikes? Though you can enjoy riding all kinds of bikes, a touring model, like the Kawasaki Vulcan, offers specific features that make it better-suited for extended journeys, hence the name touring. For a cross-country trip or vacation ride, a new or pre-owned touring motorcycle fits the bill.

What Makes These Bikes Different?

For the everyday rider, a more casual bike works fine. However, when you plan on cruising for long distances, thats where this type of model comes in. There are some highly specific differences between these bikes and more traditional cycles.

  • This type of bike is typically larger than other cycles, ensuring you have room for a saddlebag for your luggage when youre planning to be on the open road for more than a day or two. Their bigger stature allows for another rider to easily hop on with you.
  • A touring motorcycle has a bigger gas tank, so you dont have to stop as frequently for gas. This means you can travel longer distances at a time. The engine is typically larger and more powerful too, to accommodate for highway travel and distance. A V-twin engine is most commonly found inside these two-wheelers.
  • Since youre on the road for longer, this type of bike often has fancier and more upgraded features than your standard motorcycle, like a larger windshield and entertainment options.
Choosing the Right Touring Cycle

Under the umbrella of touring models, there are a few different types to select from. Once you know what type of cycle you require for your specific needs, there are plenty of new and pre-owned models of all price ranges and brands to select from.

  • You can take an adventure bike on the road or go off-roading with ease.
  • Purchase a sport tourer when youd like to crank up the speed and go a little faster than an average motorcycle allows.
  • Take a full-dress touring bike on paved roads only, so these work for a motorcycle tour where youre going to stick to highways and city streets.
What Brands and Models Are Available?

If youre already an aficionado in the world of cycling, you know all about brands like Yamaha and Harley-Davidson. Different brands, such as Indian and Suzuki, and models like the Triumph Tiger offer their own sets of features that may work better for you, and budget is always a consideration along with where youre going and how youll be using your two-wheeler.

  • Honda is a common manufacturer of touring cycles, and the Honda Gold Wing is one of the standout models that bikers seem to enjoy for its features along with the fact that theyve been around for a while, so you can get an affordable vintage or pre-owned model. Some of this bikes features include a lightweight design. Newer models offer Apple CarPlay integration.
  • The creme de la creme of vehicles, BMW has their own range of touring vehicles, such as the Grand America. Some features of these include navigation along with increased power and torque.
  • Harley is a name thats synonymous with riding. Some touring models to consider include the Road King and the Street Glide. Enjoy features including the brands patented fairing design for increased airflow as well as complete infotainment systems.

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