Toyota Cars and Trucks

Put a Toyota In Your Driveway

Mid-size sedans. Strong trucks. Durable SUVs. Toyota offers everything a buyer is looking for in a new or pre-owned vehicle. Whether its your first car or tenth, consider a Toyota. Take a look at what is available and compare the features to find the one that meets your familys needs.

What Type Of Vehicle Are You Looking For?
  • Sedans - The Corolla, Camry, and Avalon fall under the Sedan category. The Avalon is considered the most luxurious of the three with the most leg room and largest trunk.
  • SUV - Crossovers and SUVs are more-or-less the same, with the only exception being the body of an SUV is mounted on a frame while a crossovers body and undercarriage are one piece. Pick a mid-size 4Runner that seats five or a full-size Land Cruiser that seats eight.
  • Van - Minivans are not just for soccer moms but for Moms and Dads that need plenty of room to transport multiple children from one location to another. With an all-wheel drive option, driving in the snow is a breeze.
  • Truck - You also have the choice between a mid- or full-sized truck. Choose between the Tacoma or Tundra. Both are available as a double cab with seating up to five.
Which Features Do You Need?
  • Exterior Color - Multiple colors are available on the various models including super white, midnight black metallic, ruby flare pearl, and predawn gray mica.
  • Interior Color - Not only do you get to pick the exterior color, but you also have options when it comes to the inside. Choose black, gray, graphite, ebony, or stone.
  • Fuel Economy - For the best in fuel economy, choose a hybrid. However, you dont have to drive a hybrid to get good fuel mileage. The type of engine under the hood affects the gas mileage, so its essential to check that out before deciding on a new car.
How Many Miles Can I Expect?

It isnt uncommon to hit 20,000 miles on your vehicle before you need to trade it in for a new or new-to-you one. Of course, that doesnt mean you have to keep your car that long. Go ahead and keep your SUV for years, or sell it and get a newer one every few years. The choice is yours.

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