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Toyota Camry Transmission Filters

When youve got a problem with your Camrys transmission filter and it needs to be replaced, there are repair options available from several brands. ATP Automotive, Filtran, Wix, and GTP all make transmission filters for the Camry. Depending on the model year of your Toyota, you might be able to find a part from any of these manufacturers or one of a number of others.

What transmission filters are there for the Toyota Camry?

The filter you use depends on which engine your car has. You can replace the filter for a 1996 Camry with an automatic transmission by using an ATP-B121 or equivalent aftermarket part. The following information will help you understand which one you need.

  • If you have the 4-cylinder 2.2L 2164CC gas DOHC engine, use the ATP-B121 filter or equivalent aftermarket part.
  • If you have the V-6, 3.0L 2995CC gas DOHC engine, use the ATP-B183 or equivalent.
  • Both of these filters solve the problem for Camrys with the automatic transmission.
  • You may need a different part if youre driving a manual instead of an automatic.
What does a transmission filter do?

The transmission filter is vital to the operation of a vehicle. Over time, bits of metal or other grit or grime may contaminate a cars transmission oil. The transmission filter operates like a sieve to collect dirt, debris, and other contaminants that might be in the transmission fluid. This protects the transmission from possible damage, which can be a big problem. As the transmission is necessary to convert power from the engine, its very important to keep the fluid clean to avoid a major problem.

How do you change a Toyota Camry transmission filter?

The filter is located inside the transmission just above the pan. In order to get to it, you must first remove the pan. The filter is held in place by three screws.

  1. Remove the pan from beneath. There will be a lot of bolts going all the way around the pan. Be careful as you do this as automatic transmission fluid may spill out even before the pan has been completely removed.
  2. Once the pan is off, locate the filter and remove the screws holding it in place. Note the orientation of the filter as youll match it when you install the replacement one.
  3. Install the replacement filter by holding it in place and reinserting the three screws that keep it attached to the unit.
How often should a Toyota Camry transmission filter be replaced?

Generally speaking, an automatic transmission filter in a Toyota Camry should be replaced every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Changing the filter can be a messy job because these cars do not have a transmission oil drain plug. Youve got to remove the transmission fluid pan to get the oil out so that you can reach the filter.