Transparent Case/Cover for iPhone 6

Covering Your iPhone With a Transparent Case Cover

Protecting your iPhone from scratches and scrapes can be possible with a transparent case that keeps the original look of your phone intact. These cases are clear from all angles and may come with special designs or features. Theyre fitted for a variety of iPhone models which include the iPhone 6.

What are transparent phone cases for iPhone?

Transparent phone cases come in a number of styles and materials that retain a clear glass appearance. These cases cover the entire phone or only parts of the iPhone, be it the front or back. Materials may consist of glass, hard plastics, and flexible rubbers. The cases are also slim fitted to neatly hug around the iPhone without giving it extra weight or body. The concept behind these models is protection, which often cant be seen unless you know its already there. This appearance retains the natural look of the iPhone and allows you to enjoy the iPhone 6 model without your clear case obstructing the phones design.

Are clear cases protective for an iPhone?The clear case comes with a number of features that enable protection and resistance to numerous elements. Features available that can protect your iPhone may include:
  • Water resistance: Each model is different, yet some are water resistant and offer a tight seal that protects the screen and the internal pieces of your iPhone. The variety of materials used will dictate if your water-resistant features are from a skin-like material around the phone or from a two-piece case that snaps together and provides a hard, rigid formation that water cannot enter.
  • Dust-sealed: Dust particles can get inside of an iPhone and cause internal parts to malfunction or become inoperable. You can avoid this with the dust-resistant seal that many transparent cases are made from. The choices you have are between two-piece selections and singular cases with clear materials that allow you to see the entire phone.
  • Scratch-resistant: You also have options to choose from if your main objective is to protect against scratches and scrapes. Many of these cases have special chemical compounds that are resistant against marks and deep ridges. This is important as the material used to construct the transparent appearance of each case works to limit cloudy appearances that may occur over time.
What iPhone models have transparent cases available?

The entire iPhone collection can also be found with matching cases that keep a transparent appearance flexible. These cases mold to the engineering of each phone, which offers a sleek design that wraps around the body of a phone for ease in holding and for keeping the actual device in view.

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