Travel Luggage

Travel Luggage

If you spend a lot of time traveling, shopping for a quality luggage set will be well worth the investment. You will need suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks that are durable and reliable so that they can last for years and accompany you on your adventures. Not all bags are created equal, so you will need to choose the right luggage for your travel needs.

What are the benefits of having four wheels?

Four wheels on the bottom of your suitcase will allow you to maneuver it easily. The wheels spin, allowing you to push and pull it in any direction with much less resistance. The luggage also has more stability when standing, so it is less likely to fall over if it is top-heavy.

What are the benefits of carry-on luggage?
  • Free: Many airports allow you to bring them for free instead of paying to check your bag.
  • Convenient: Backpacks and duffel bags are usually easy to carry and do not add too much extra weight.
  • Rides with you: You will not have to worry about it getting lost at the airport, because you can store it in your overhead storage.
  • No baggage claim: You can take your bag from overhead and go on your way without waiting for your luggage to be unloaded. You can also be sure that your bag will not be tossed around by baggage workers.
  • Additional accessories: Some of these come with small travel cases included so that you have a leakproof container for your fluids. Some also come with straps that allow you to compress your items while packing so that you can utilize more space.
What rules are there for carry-ons?

Each airport has their own set of rules for carry-on luggage, so keep some things in mind when packing.

  • Dimensions: Research your airline’s size requirements before purchasing, because most airports require bags to be no larger than the standard carry-on size. People often use backpacks and duffels for this purpose. Be careful not to overstuff your backpack when packing, because it could exceed the dimensions.
  • Fluid limits: Liquids, creams, gels, and aerosols are limited to travel-sized containers that must be 3.4 ounces or less per item.
  • Weight: Depending on your airline, the weight of the bag does not matter as long as it fits within the required dimensions. Some airlines require them to be no heavier than 15 or 20 pounds, so check your airline's requirements.