Truck Bed Accessories

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Truck Bed Accessories

If you own a Toyota Tacoma or other pickup, you could probably use some truck bed accessories. Some products, such as tailgates, are designed for Toyotas or other specific trucks. Others, like pickup truck organizers, are relatively universal and fit many models, including Toyotas.

What are the basic accessories for truck owners?

Among the most common truck bed accessories for Toyota pickups are bed liners, tonneau covers, and gear pockets. The add-ons you need depend upon whether your truck is for work or play. Furthermore, you should consider what kinds of stuff you normally haul in your truck and your personal preferences. The gear for customizing Toyota pickup trucks and other truck beds includes:

  • Notched fifth-wheel truck tailgates
  • Ventilated tailgates
  • Truck bed and tailgate liners
  • Bed lighting kits
What are the types of truck bed liners for Toyotas?

A truck bed liner protects the metal from scratches and dents. You can order your Toyota truck with a factory-installed liner, or you can select an aftermarket product. Each type of truck bed and tailgate protection has its benefits. These may include:

  • Flexible mats for protection.
  • Polyethylene bed liners, which are made of slick plastic for easy loading
  • Cushioned molded liners that protect against dents.
  • Spray-on Toyota truck bed liner, which provides customizable protection.
What kinds of tonneau covers are available?

You use a tonneau cover on pickups like the Toyota Tacoma to protect whatever you are carrying from rain, snow, wind, and theft. You have a number of options in truck bed covers, which vary according to what they are made of and how they open. Options include:

  • Soft Snap-on covers
  • Soft roll-on covers with Velcro fasteners
  • Trifold hard or soft covers with foldable panels to make space for taller cargo
  • Hinged, hard tonneau covers that open like a trunk
  • Rigid retractable covers
What are the options in cargo accessories?

Cargo organizers keep your stuff from rattling around in the bed. They protect both the cargo and bed liner from damage. The range of cargo accessories offers you a number of options. You can choose from the following:

  • Cargo bars: This adjustable bar forms a barrier to keep gear in place.
  • Swing cased: They are great for tools, tackle, or other hobby gear; the swing case attaches to the bed near the tailgate and swings toward you to make access easier.
  • Canvas and waterproof bags: These are designed specifically to contain cargo in your truck; canvas and waterproof bags come in a number of sizes and designs.