US Gold Coins (Pre-1933)

U.S. Gold Coins Pre-1933

Gold coins can be valuable a collectible item. There are many different types that you can collect, such as Liberty Head, Indian Head, and full-body Lady Liberty. Knowing the varieties and proper care for your collection can make the experience even better.

What kinds of pre-1933 gold coins are there?

Gold coins minted pre-1933 come in a range of monetary values. Each of these coin values also has a number of varieties for each denomination, depending on which year it was produced. Gold pieces were coins that were produced in small denominations such as 1-dollar, 3 dollars, and 4 dollars. The eagle was another major variety that comes in four denominations: 20-dollar double eagle, 10-dollar eagle, 5-dollar half eagle, and 2.50-dollar quarter eagle.

What do collectors look for in gold coins?

Collectors tend to look at three key aspects of the coin.

  • What condition it's in: Condition is the first aspect to look at. The condition of a Double Eagle, Liberty Head, Saint-Gaudens or other variety will help you understand what it is worth. Bullion in mint condition will be in better shape than a circulated piece. As your hands contain oils that can rub down the details on a coin, the less it is handled, the better condition it will to be in.
  • What type it is: Gold coins also come in a range of varieties. Some varieties are more desirable for collectors than others. Each variety has at least one significant change from others that were manufactured. Some examples include a higher relief on one side, a design change, or whether a motto appears on one side.
  • How rare it is: The third aspect of valuing your collection is to look at the rarity of the gold coins you own. Some gold coins were produced in small numbers and therefore are highly collectible. Quarter, half, and double eagle gold coins are especially valuable for this reason.
How should you store pre-1933 gold coins?

Once you have collected a number of silver and gold coins, it is important to know how to store them properly. Generally speaking, silver and gold pieces need to be handled with gloves to protect the surface from oils on your skin. Slabbing gold and silver coins in hard, non-PVC plastics is the safest way to preserve rare pieces of your collection. As an added layer of protection, store your most valuable Liberty pieces in a lock box to prevent damage and theft. This can be a safe, a locking storage area, or even a safety deposit box.