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Have Fun with the Game of Uno

Uno is a game filled with cards that lets you skip players and reverse the field. Thanks to some of the new editions of the game, you can do even more with those cards. From rainy days at home to nights in with friends, the game is suitable for all types of players.

What is the age range for Uno?

Mattel lists the age range for this card game at seven and up. Younger children may have a hard time playing because they do not understand the rules. They may also have issues matching the colors, numbers and other cards.

How many people do you need to play?

You need a minimum of two people to play this novelty card game. Enough cards come in the deck that you can play with a total of 10 adults or children. If you want to increase the game, you can stack two decks together.

Are there any official rules?

Whether you buy a new or vintage deck, you'll get instructions inside the box. Each player receives seven cards with the remainder of the deck placed in the center. You turn one card over, which shows you the color and number or action that you need to match. The first player will put down a matching card. Each player takes turns matching the card. When a player gets down to his or her last card, the individual must say, "Uno." The winner is the person who runs out of cards first.

What do different Uno cards mean?

The different cards in the deck correspond to actions that other players need to take. The Draw 2 and 4 cards ask that the next player takes that many cards from the remaining deck. When someone plays the Reverse card, the game goes in the opposite direction. There are also Wild Cards that let players change the color in the center and cards that let them change colors and make someone draw four more cards.

Are there different editions of Uno?

Mattel makes several editions of the game, including a customizable game. It lets you write-in to change the cards. With the Attack version, the game can give players multiple cards during different rounds. Another edition requires that players do dares when they draw certain cards. Mattel also partnered with companies to make novelty editions based on Hello Kitty and other characters.

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