Vans Old Skool Athletic Shoes for Men

Born in the 1960s, this classic Vans model becomes fashionable periodically. To devotees, these time-honoured and comfortable sneakers never go out of style. Manufactured with diverse materials and colours, these Vans Old Skool athletic shoes for men suit an array of wardrobes.

What are the available sizes of Vans Old Skool shoes?

Fortunately, the manufacturer produces these classic sneakers in a size spectrum that will suit nearly every grown male's feet. Vans Old Skool skate shoes are sold in size 6.5 through 18, and can be found in half sizes through 11.5, too.

What are some classic features of Vans Old Skool shoes?

Skate shoe aficionados can easily spot the Old Skool features:

  • Side stripe: Part of the skate scene for more than five decades, this iconic stripe is a Vans trademark. Enthusiasts can wear it in white, black, and several available colours.
  • Toe vamp: To give its Old Skool model ruggedness and longer wear, Vans adds material to the toe area.
  • Heel counter: This piece acts much like the toe vamp, and both pieces typically come in solid colours.
  • Quarters: These rest beneath the side stripes. Those looking for a checkerboard print on a pair of Old Skools will most frequently find it here.
What activities suit a pair of Vans Old Skools?

The active shoes built for solo sports, include:

  • Skateboarding: Skaters love these strong shoes with sticky soles.
  • BMX riding: For generations, freestylers and racers have been devoted to these tough shoes.
  • Parkour: These shoes help physically fit people easily bound from one metropolitan obstacle to another.
What are Vans Old Skools available materials?

The well-established shoemaker offers its flagship product in dozens of variations. Available materials include:

  • Canvas: Between its bookends of black and white, Vans offers a rich spectrum that includes bright colours, subdued tones, and checkerboard prints.
  • Suede: This Vans model comes in pairs that are a mix of suede and canvas, and all-suede versions are easily found as well.
  • Leather: Most leather Old Skools come in one tone, including black, brown, and red.
How do you choose a pair of men's Old Skool?

When selecting Old Skool athletic sneakers for men, you should:

  • Consider the desired purpose: For leisurewear, pick colours that match your wardrobe. When the shoes will be worn outdoors, consider a leather pair.
  • Think about your favourite colours: Vans colours offer freedom of expression by providing a wide array of colours.
  • Know your size::For help, reference the Old Skool style's size charts.
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