Video In-Dash Units with GPS

Video In-Dash Units with GPS

In-dash video screens can bring functionality, convenience, and safety to the centre console of your vehicle. Sometimes referred to as entertainment or infotainment systems, these devices are typically controlled using touchscreens. They may come equipped with built-in Bluetooth functionality, car-stereo controls, and built-in GPS navigation systems and are generally easy to learn.

What kind of in-dash video devices are there?

There are two main types of built-in dashboard units:

  • Entertainment centres give owners control over the vehicle's existing entertainment package, like the stereo, and can sometimes add new entertainment features of their own.
  • Infotainment centres are a combination of an entertainment centre and vehicle controls, giving owners the ability to manage temperature settings within the car, turn on heated seats, defrost the windows, and more, using a touchscreen.

GPS Navigation can commonly be found on both types of dashboard units.

What are some features of dashboard-display units?

Whether it is a single or a double DIN unit, there is a wide range of built-in dashboard products, such as:

  • Navigation units that provide detailed, touch-screen roadmaps to help you reach your destination. Audio navigation is usually included to help you find your way without having to look at the map. Some GPS units provide entertainment features as well as help with navigation. Car-stereo receivers are a common addition to this type of dash unit, giving owners the ability to control their vehicle's car stereo with a full graphic interface. Some devices will also control satellite radio, AM/FM radio, and the vehicle's CD player.
  • Entertainment-focused centre-console screens may include DVD players that can play feature-length films from the dash. Passengers on long road trips, especially children, enjoy being able to watch films on the road.
  • Built-in Bluetooth is commonly found on centre-console screens, allowing users to pair their Bluetooth-compatible phones to the touch-screen centre-console video unit. That gives the driver or passengers the ability to control their phone, send and receive calls, and listen to voicemails over the vehicle's stereo system.
  • Infotainment centres give you the ability to control much of the vehicle's features with a touchscreen that you would normally control with button dials and switches. Power windows and locks, seat settings, and climate control all have the potential to be accessed through an infotainment centre. The level of touch-screen control varies from system to system.
  • Information from the vehicle's onboard computer can be sent to certain infotainment centres. These touch-screen video panels will be able to display a variety of information, such as engine temperature and fuel levels as well as more advanced information thats gleaned from the car's internal electronics system.