ViewSonic Monitor Power Supply Boards

Select the Right ViewSonic Power Supply Board

If you are looking to replace your Power Supply Board to your LCD or LED ViewSonic TV, you must identify a few components before moving forward with a purchase. With a bit of guidance, youll be able to find the right board to get a healthy power supply back to your ViewSonic device.

How do you identify the right ViewSonic power supply board?

Identifying the ViewSonic board to fix a power supply issue may seem challenging at first, but if you know what to look for, youll be watching your LCD or LED TV in no time. Before beginning your search, start by identifying the following components:

  • Model Number: The model number may be located on the device itself or in the instructional or informational manual that came with it. It may be formatted something like "VS15882 715G7032-M01-000-004I" in the items description.
  • LCD or LED: Determine which category your device falls into. This may be a factor when you are trying to select a matching ViewSonic Power Supply Board.
  • Size: You can either measure your TV or reference the manual that accompanied it upon purchase. The measurement is identified in inches.
What materials are used to make a power board?

Your ViewSonics power supply is completely dependent upon the power supply board unit. This complex technological device contains many individual parts that make your device function properly. In addition to voltage sources and circuits, youll find the following parts included on the power supply board:

  • Capacitors: Make sure the board has the appropriate capacitors. Vin is one capacitor to look for.
  • Loops: There are several loops built into the unit. A few are the Hot Loop, PGND Loop, and GND Loop.
What other factors should you consider before buying a board?

The main points to focus on when looking for a suitable board for your device have been covered. However, you may also want to double-check that you have the right item by looking at these two descriptions that often accompany the devices listing:

  • The product overview: This will confirm that it is a power supply board.
  • Main features: This will include technical specifications and distinctions that may be useful when you are making a final decision.
  • Compatibility: Oftentimes, the item will have a description that contains details about compatibility. If it does have compatibility listed, you will be able to confirm more easily if it is compatible with your specific power model.
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