Vintage Lighted Beer Signs

When you're looking for something to spruce up the blank space on your wall or want the perfect addition to a man cave, a vintage lighted beer sign could be just what you're looking for. These vintage light signs come from an era gone by and give an authentic look to any room, whether you're serving beers there or not. There are neon blue lights, backlit logos, and metal signs with bulbs around them, each advertising the biggest brewers in the world, and many regard them as some of the best pieces of breweriana.

What Types of Beer Signs Are There?

Whether you're looking for a specific brewing company or just want to choose a sign based on their cool colour and design, there are plenty of options out there. A vintage beer sign with a light or neon display pops a lot more than a standard tin sign, and many of the world's most famous brewers have created these in the past for advertising and sale of their beer, with selections from:

  • American brewers: Budweiser, Falstaff Brewing Corporation, and more;
  • European brewers: Stiegel, Kronenbourg, and other famous beers from Europe; and
  • Other foreign brewers: VB from Australia, Bintang from Thailand, and other famous and exotic beers.

Which Era Are the Signs From?

A lighted sign displaying one of your favourite brewers is a great way to decorate a room, regardless of what era it came from. If you're interested in choosing one from a certain time or having a treasured piece of breweriana with real monetary value, there are a few categories to choose from.

  • Vintage: Vintage beer signs that are over 20 years old and come from pubs, bars, or home collectors in various conditions.
  • Antique: Antique beer signs are hard to come by as the technology was only developed in the early 19th century, but there are some still available for collection.
  • Modern: These modern signs often look like antique or vintage signs, but they retain modern electrics and materials.

What Are the Signs Made Of?

Vintage lighted beer signs use all kinds of materials that make them the perfect wall decor, so it's all a matter of choosing the one that best suits your space. Newer models made to look vintage may be operated with batteries otherwise the most common power source being a plug-in cord that attaches to your outlet.

  • Glass: Glass is common for neon signs like these and also for the bulb used in the sign.
  • Metal: A metal or tin sign is popular and commonly seen in bars and pubs, with many old advertising paraphernalia using the same material.
  • Plastic: Recent vintage style light up beer signs use plastic due to its affordability, and the plastic is usually sheer or frosted with the logo underneath.

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