What are some of the most popular types of vintage sports memorabilia?

Sports memorabilia covers all types of merchandise related to sports or athletes. Some of the most popular vintage memorabilia includes autographs of athletes, particularly autographs on related items like stubs from game tickets, programs, home run baseballs, and boxing gloves. Trading cards are also very popular, and some cards have sold for huge sums of money. For example, the Michael Jordan rookie card from Fleer sold for 100,000 dollars at auction. However, collecting sports memorabilia is not always an expensive hobby. Collectors can focus on building interesting collections of old photographs or vintage magazines for much less.

How can you start a vintage sports memorabilia collection?

Many vintage items, such as signed baseballs and celebrity-endorsed advertising signs, are very valuable. It is a good idea for anyone new to the hobby to focus on specific types of memorabilia, such as autographs, ticket stubs, or trading cards, to start building a collection. Alternatively, they can choose to collect a range of products that all relate to a specific athlete or team. Before purchasing vintage items at high prices, collectors should conduct some research to determine approximate values of items on the collectors' market.

How can you store sports memorabilia?

Storage for sports memorabilia varies based on the type of item. Paper products such as ticket stubs and magazines are particularly prone to damage from damp conditions. These items remain in top condition by storing them in special plastic bags with backing cards to prevent creases. Many companies produce display cases for different types of sports memorabilia as well as special sleeves and frames for trading cards and stands for baseballs.