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Vision Fitness Elliptical Machines

The Vision Fitness elliptical is designed to offer a home workout with a compact machine. Many of the elliptical trainers from the brand are foldable when not in use. The elliptical machines come with various features.

What features does a Vision Fitness elliptical trainer have?

The Vision Fitness elliptical trainer comes with a heavy-duty frame. Most have a console that allows you to monitor heart rate, distance, speed, and other important elements of your fitness routine. Some fitness machines allow you to adjust the stride length. Some options from Vision Fitness also allow for adjustments of the incline. The Vision Fitness elliptical is equipped with heavy duty parts for stability and durability.

Does Vision Fitness have different types of elliptical trainers?

Vision Fitness offers several different types of elliptical trainers for different training styles. The following is some information on the different elliptical exercise machines offered.

  • Traditional: This type offers low-impact exercise with smooth motion and comes with a console to monitor progress during a workout.
  • Suspension: These machines provide an extra heavy flywheel for smoothness. Many have a variable stride and incline.
  • Commercial: These options are designed for heavy use. They work well in homes where more than one user will be working out per day.

What are the benefits of an elliptical machine?

Vision Fitness ellipticals are designed to provide you with a variable routine in a compact piece of equipment. Many of the ellipticals are foldable when not in use, allowing you to have an elliptical trainer in your home even if space is limited. These trainers also offer options when it comes to displays. Some ellipticals come with a basic display for those who want a simple way to monitor their routine. If you want something with more choices, there are touch-screen consoles that allow you to vary many of the settings and keep up with every aspect of your routine while using the elliptical.

What are some models of Vision Fitness ellipticals?

There are several different models that are available from Vision Fitness. Some of the models include:

  • X6200: This model is equipped with workout programs and a large screen for monitoring progress.
  • X1500: This option has a large flywheel with digital display for measuring workout stats.
  • S7200: This machine is a suspension elliptical with a variable stride length and incline.
  • X40: This elliptical comes with folding pedal arms for compact storage.

Do these ellipticals come with pre-programmed workouts?

Some ellipticals from Vision Fitness do come with workouts that are already programmed into the device. These elliptical fitness programs vary in length and difficulty to work for those with different levels of strength and endurance.

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