Wargames Factory 28mm Miniatures

If you are a miniatures enthusiast or thinking about getting into the hobby, 28mm figures from Wargames Factory offers a wide range of models from history, science fiction, and fantasy genres. Wargames Factory 28mm miniatures come in a variety of designs and eras and include soldiers, warriors, cavalry, light infantry, and hoplites, among others. The Wargames Factory figurines found in each set will depend on the historical period you choose or games you wish to play.

What are the key features of the 28mm Wargames Factory Miniatures?
  • Wargames Factory miniatures are constructed from a special multi-part, hard plastic designed to be painted.
  • The multi-part construction of the parts from Wargames Factory allows you as a user to customize the appearance and poses of many of the figurines.
  • Although most miniatures kits come with a uniform variety of figures and equipment depending on the type, such as historical infantry or fantasy zombies, there are a variety of ways you can put them together and make each model unique.
What items are included in a Wargames Factory set?

While all Wargames Factory kits will differ based on type, most will include several basic items you can expect in each set of miniatures.

  • A set number of 28mm figures, adhering to a particular type, such as Ashigaru, Leviathan, Zombicide, or Eisenkern models.
  • A range of equipment and weapon pieces that match the themes of the scale models. You'll can mix and match pieces of this equipment to form unique kits and scenarios.
  • Interlocking sprues shrink-wrapped in plastic. The sprues hold the bodies and other pieces that you'll put together later.
  • Instructions with colour-coded and numbered parts that detail how you can put together your scale parts in different configurations, such as infantry, light infantry, or platoon soldiers.
How do you build 28mm Wargames Factory figurines?

Once you know the various sets, you can buy and the basic components that are in each oney. You'll need to know how you can put them together. There are some ways to customize and diversify each set, such as trading various pieces of equipment or swapping out some accessories. However, you'll want to follow the included guide when it comes to putting one set of arms or a particular head with the body type it matches. This should make it easier to prepare for games and increases the accuracy of each 28mm figure.

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