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Washer & Dryer Parts & Accessories

The ability to purchase replacement parts to repair your washing machine and dryer makes it convenient to keep the appliances running smoothly. Knowing certain parts are available also allows the owners to purchase certain parts before the originals actually need replacing or repair. Having these parts on hand can not only reduce the repair time for the appliances but can also extend the life of the appliances.

What types of parts are available?

Once you have determined what is wrong with your dryer and what repair parts it needs, it is only a matter of finding the parts and ordering them. Customers are often amazed at how many repair parts are available for purchase. Regardless of what your appliance needs, you wil find the appropriate replacement part whether it be for a Whirlpool, Kenmore, Estate or Amana.

  • Heating elements.
  • Supply hoses.
  • Thermostats.
  • Lint filters.
  • Belts.
What brands are the laundry and dryer parts for?

Replacement clothes washer and dryer parts are available for a variety of makes, models, and brands of washers and dryers.

  • Estate.
  • Whirlpool.
  • Kenmore.
  • Amana.
  • Maytag.
How do you know what repair part to get?

After many loads of laundry, your washing machine and dryer may need some maintenance, repairs, or parts. Often, it is just simple parts that need replacing such as a pulley, dryer thermostat, or heating element. Although, with all the intricate laundry parts that go into laundry equipment, there are vast possibilities. However, most brands of washers and dryers have similar repair parts that need updating over time.

  • You may need lid switch assembly or a drive belt if your washer is having trouble spinning.
  • A thermal fuse, timer, or user control may be necessary if your washer is not starting properly.
  • You may need a heating element, thermostat, or a new fuse if your dryer is not heating properly.
  • If your dryer is not spinning properly, it may need a motor, timer, or belt.
  • If your dryer is having trouble starting, it may require a dryer door spring or a new fuse.
How can you tell whether parts will fit your model?

Replacement parts for washing machines and dryers are based on the make and model number of your appliance. This information is typically found on the back of the appliances. The listings for the replacement parts generally tell you for what make and model they are to be used. In some cases, the part offered may not be the original part but is compatible with your machine. For instance, laundry parts for an Estate or Whirlpool dryer may have been made for one model, but the laundry or dryer parts are also compatible for several other of the companies' models.